Rotoflex – New Opaque White laminatable

We hereby introduce an excellent quality Rotoflex product.

EP-00443 White Laminatable is a solvent based printing ink, optimized for printing on a wide range of flexible packaging films, primarily for food packaging.

Its main properties are:

  • EP-00443 is versatile, however it has been optimized and intended for reverse printing
  • Very good tape adhesion and lamination bond strength on various film types
  • Very high opacity in comparison with conventional laminating whites
  • Low residual solvents
  • Low migration, therefore especially suitable for food packaging
  • Contains a binder system of mainly Polyurethanes and a small part of cellulose-nitrate
  • Free of migrating plasticizers, acrylates, and chlorine-based binders such as PVC and PVdC