SEFAR® CleanDisc System Mesh filter used for the Inspection of Technical Cleanliness

SEFAR® CleanDisc System

Mesh filter used for the Inspection of Technical Cleanliness

Clean, safeguarded and easy to handle mesh filter, dispensed to directly perform a technical cleanliness analysis in modern laboratories according to VDA 19.1 & ISO 16232.

How does the SEFAR® CleanDisc System work?

Made easy: The filter discs dispenses directly to the petri dish by pushing the slider. The Technical Cleanliness analysis can continue immediately.

The membrane filter itself is stored inside a cassette and safeguarded by a tape to avoid cross contamination until usage. The cassette is easy exchangeable and holds the re-fill pack containing the mesh filter. To increase efficiency, up to 600 pcs are in one re-fill pack. The re-fill pack is inserted to the cassette and the cassette is pushed into the dispenser.

  • Clean and safeguarded mesh filters
  • Easy to operate dispenser
  • For left and right handed users

Easy & safe to use
We ensure technical cleanliness without overcomplicating

Combining all requirements from the revised guidelines like VDA 19 as well as the wishes from the users. Put together into a simple to handle system, securing the cleanliness at any time. Independent of the membrane type only one SEFAR® CleanDisc Dispenser is required, allowing a high flexiblity. Operating the system is independent of the environment its located in and the users laborartory experience.

Advantages of working with SEFAR® CleanDisc System

Clean and safeguarded discs

Membranes are stored in closed containers to avoid contamination of dirt from the environment. Complying with the requirements of VDA 19.1 and ISO 16232 is made simple.

Easy operation

By pushing the slider, it withdraws one single filter directly to the petri dish. No more fiddling with the tweezer to get out a membrane or difficulties to open the package.

Controlled cleanliness

Laser cutting and packaging of the mesh filter happens in a cleanroom (type 7). The safety foil secures the level of cleanliness as well as the quality control and the defined level of cleanliness. All helping to easily achieving the blank value.

Laser cut PET mesh filter

Using laser cut discs avoids cross contamination from fraying edges and single yarn pieces. PET ensures constant results in gravimetrical analysis as well as an improved flatness and reduced rolling behavior (PET recommended over Nylon/PA – also from norms).

Detecting white particles

The newly introduced yellow filter membranes now allow the detection of white particles and light colored fibers, while making it possible to detect metal and dark particles at the same time. This brings the automated analysis to a new level.

One dispenser - multiple cassettes

The easy exchangeable cassette system allows to operate one dispenser with multiple cassettes. The unused cassette can be stored and the safety foil secures a clean and safeguarded disc during all time. The label indicates the content in the cassette and help to comply with quality requirements during all time.

SEFAR® CleanDisc Mesh Filter
Yellow membrane to detect white particles

Developed especially for the Technical Cleanliness, the new SEFAR® CleanDisc 5 μm PET mesh filter in yellow now allows the detection of white or bright particles. At the same time, it increases the light-optical contrast of dark and metal particles and increases the reliability of the detection. According the VDA 19.1, the yellow mesh filters allow a norm conform analysis by applying the extended analysis chapter 7.2.3. This feature brings the automated microscopy analysis to a new level allowing to apply the Technical Cleanliness in new application areas like white colored polymers, ceramics or in the additive manufacturing.

Get in touch with us to get some detailed information about how to use it – there are some specialties you need to consider.