Sentinel Palladium 4k camera

Sentinel Palladium with 4K linescan camera is now available!

Quality control systems are deservedly popular with narrow-web printers, now the new model is a true value-for-money winning product. It can be a great solution for reel to reel presses where no extreme high resolution or speed is required, still 100% print control can be achieved with a lower cost investment. Like always, DeCoSystem’s software is without compromise, thus sets the system apart from competing similar products. The deservedly popular Palladium system can be ordered with a 4K resolution camera in addition to the previous 2K.

350mm, 450mm, 550mm width, can be installed on flexo or digital printing machines, rewinders or finishers, main parameters are:

  • Linescan camera 4096 pixel
  • 150-250m/min speed
  • 0,2mm2 minimum detectable defect
  • synchronization by encoder device
  • illumination with LED
  • operating by touch screen interface, fast job setup