DeCoSystem presents: Multicap, the perfect aluminium and plastic closure quality control solution

MULTICAP is available in several versions, depending on the inspection task. The equipment can be installed at the end of the production line, in front of the final packaging unit. Depending on the configuration, it is suitable for the following inspection tasks:

  1.  Shape and insert inspection, 3-camera system (3TLC, using star wheel)
    1. Closure shell inspection (material defects, oval shape, bent sidewall, deformations, cut-outs)
    2. Inspection of liner (material defects, stains, twisted, incorrectly inserted liner, damaged liner)
    3. Plastic insert (dispenser, valve) inspection (incorrect insertion, damaged, missing or stained insert)
    4. Top print (colour mismatch, logo centering, dirt, scratches, print defects)
  2. Decoration control 6 camera system (6TLC, using conveyor belt)
    1. Sidewall decoration inspection (colour variations, logo centricity, dirt, scratches, incomplete print, printing errors, register errors)

The MCAP-FULL version, with 9 cameras, integrates the two tasks above to perform a complete inspection covering all options. If required, a stendalone workflow is also possible, in which case a separate feeder is required to feed the closures in the orientation and sequence suitable for inspection. Also available is packaging equipment for the final packaging.

The system is managed through the intuitive interface of the Spectro software, on a touch-sensitive screen, which enables a new job set up in minutes. Previous recipes/settings can be recalled at a later time, making start-up even faster for repeating products. A report is kept of all runs, which, in addition to statistics on the products checked, categorises the errors detected and illustrates them with images, so that valuable conclusions can be drawn and improvements made to the production process.


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