Diamat Maschinenbau GmbH

Flat Sheet and Foil Extruders, Original and Recycled Plastic Processing Machines

For more than 40 years now diamat Maschinenbau GmbH is now building machines, equipment and tools for the manufacturing of foil sheet, and recycling.

The main division lies in flat foil extrusion where diamat has achieved a long term of experience.

Therefore diamat can look back on various references all over the world.

Main focus is to be found in the production of foil and sheet extrusion lines. Diamat also produces lines for the paper as well as in the field of solar engineering.


Film and Sheet Extrusion lines

Produce Film and Sheet in High-End quality, because experience makes the difference.

Whether transparency, firmness, strain impact strength, optical brilliance, co-extrusion, coating, laminating, in reels ready-made ware, food or non-food cups, trays, inlays, container, for thermoforming or winded, calendared or in cast-film, filled or foamed.


From rubbish back to packaging, that is the turn-key solution of diamat to recycle 100% PET scrap into high quality sheet.

A-Pet, C-PET as well as PET-G can be processed. With the energy-saving and most flexible stir-crystallizer and pre-drying system diamat completes the whole spectrum from the rework up to the finished sheet. With the antistatic coating system and the high-class automatic screen-system even interior materials may be re-transformed into acceptable products.



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