ILLIG welcomes you to the Automotive in Budapest

The German manufacturer ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG will be in Budapest at the Automotive exhibition at Hungexpo from October 17 to 19, 2018. Represented by Ferry Contact Kft. in Hall A, Stand 210C, ILLIG, the thermoforming, packaging systems and tool supplier will be providing information on their entire product portfolio including their latest UA-series sheet-processing machine.

Versatile sheet-processing machines
The ILLIG UA series delivers versatility with a wide range of different forming areas for a combination of high precision, repeat accuracy, high productivity, product quality and efficiency. The machines are designed for forming thermoplastic material films and sheets with a gauge of up to 12 mm.

Machines with a forming area of 100 cm to 250 cm produce products for the electronics and automotive industries, as well as products with industrial applications, including household products, products for leisure and sporting goods using thermoplastic ABS, PE, PP and PS sheet material and films. Examples include transport pallets, machine protective guarding, tablets and air ducts (as twin-sheet parts).

Application examples in detail:
• ILLIG UA 155g: These machines process 3.0-mm-thick ABS sheets (890 x 690 mm) at 71 cycles per hour to produce transport pallets
• ILLIG UAR 155g: Using the twin-sheet thermoforming procedure, these machines process 4.0-mm-thick XLPE foam film at 36 cycles per hour to produce air ducts in various sizes.