SYNCHROLINE 430 printing machine installation in Hungary

The Synchroline narrow web flexographic printing machine – the last generation press of Lombardi Converting Machinery s.r.l. company – has been installed in Hungary for the first time.

The servo motor technology of Synchroline and its hi-tech software features allow to print without any limitation on the kind of substrates. The press is equipped with automatic pre-register, register control (see picture below), electronic tension control, and Air Blade System (A.B.S.).

In addition, on the press of our Customer has also been installed the Sentinel-GOLD quality control system produced by DeCoSystem s.r.l company. This special print inspection system provides real-time warning when the print does not meet the quality requirements, thus avoiding the costly waste production.

Moreover, at the end of the printing job the inspection system will also generate a report that contains the list, type and position of the detected defects besides all related information.

The report can not only be used as a printed document, but it can also be digitally forwarded into ERP systems or into appropriate finishing / applicator machines, thus preventing the utilization of wrong labels.